Christmas Shopping: Money Math Practice {FREE}

Christmas is coming up fast, and for a lot of us that means one thing: shopping. There’s always so much to buy and so many people to shop for! While this can be the cause of stress, I hope you will also use it as an opportunity to teach your kids about money. Today as part of my “12 Days of Christmas Printables” series, I’m sharing some simple Christmas-themed money math worksheets.

Need some extra practice with counting change? This set of Christmas themed money math pages is a fun way to work on essential math skills! Includes practice with counting coins as well as money word problems.

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Christmas Money Math Worksheets:

This download includes two different pages to focus on money math skills for first grade.

The first page focuses on counting change. Kids simply match the item with the price tag to the correct amount of change.


If your kids are having trouble recognizing the coins (because they are black and white), you may want to recreate the problems using actual coins (or play money).

Then let them count the coins and match them to the correct items.

The second page includes a set of money word problems. These all use whole dollar amounts, so they should be accessible to most first grade kids.


The word problems are also Christmas themed and cover addition and subtraction of money within twenty.

This download also includes answer keys for both pages, for your convenience. 🙂


Money Math In Real Life:

I would also encourage you to combine this set of practice with real life practice using and counting money. Here are some ideas:

  • Take your kids to the dollar store and let them pick out gifts. Have them add up the total money they need and do one of those nation21’s spot loan users reviews, and then count their change.
  • Take the family out for hot chocolate and ask your child if they can determine the total cost of everyone (you may need to round the cost of each cup to simplify for younger kids. For instance, if a cup costs $1.79, round up to $2 and have them find the approximate cost)
  • Buy a box of candy canes at the store and see if your child can determine the cost per candy cane (again, you may need to simplify the numbers for younger kids)
  • Help your child set a “Christmas budget” for the gifts they would like to buy for friends and family, then take them shopping to pick out gifts that fit the budget (this could be as simple as $5 per gift, or gifts at the dollar store)

Ready for your free worksheets? Just click the link below!


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