FREE 6th-8th Grade Math Printables

Could you use some new and engaging math activities and games for your middle schoolers? This page hosts dozens of free 6-8 grade math printables and games.

Below you will find an ever growing list of free math resources. This page is updated often, and includes a variety of meaningful math for basic operations as well as algebra, so be sure to check back as you need additional ideas to engage your students!

Looking for additional grade levels? See all the available free math worksheets and activities on this page.

3-D Shapes Worksheets! {FREE Printables!}

3D Shapes Activity Pack! {FREE Download!}

4th of July Logic Puzzles for Kids {FREE}

How to Use Doodle Notes to Explore Absolute Value

Add Fractions Color by Number: Unlike Denominators & Mixed Numbers

{FREE} Add & Subtract Integers: Real Life Lesson

{FREE} Adding & Subtracting Decimals Game for Grades 4-6

Help Kids Make Sense of Algebra Vocabulary: FREE Guided Notes

Analyzing Data Worksheet for Middle and High School

Christmas Equations: Algebra Skills Activity {FREE}

Christmas Graphing Challenge: Graphing Linear Equations

Christmas Math Puzzles for Kids {FREE!}

Christmas Printable Fraction Board Game

{FREE} Get Them in Order: Comparing Fractions Game

Convert Fractions to Decimals & Percents: FREE Puzzles

{FREE} Convert Fractions to Decimals Game: Grades 4-6

{FREE} Convert Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers Using Visuals

Decimals on a Number Line Game that Kids LOVE!

8 Engaging Early Algebra Lessons (FREE)

Valentine’s Day Color by Code: Equivalent Fractions & Decimals

Adding and Subtracting Integers {FREE Lesson!}

Exploring Patterns in Pascal’s Triangle {FREE Printables!}

Exploring Surface Area: Hands-On Lesson!

Exploring Surface Area of Pyramids and Cones!

Exploring Volume: FREE Lesson!

{FREE} Easy Popcorn Factoring Practice Activity

{FREE} Factoring Whole Numbers Puzzle Set for 4-5 Grade

How Much Does a Pumpkin Cost? {FREE Algebra Lesson!}

FREE Elementary Math Worksheets and Games

FREE Pigs Will Be Pigs Money Lessons!

{FREE} Function Representations Sort: Small Group Activity

Graphing Linear Equations: Cut & Paste Worksheets {FREE}

Pass the Pi: A Hands On Pi Day Investigation

Hot Chocolate Math Investigation: Estimation and Measurement!

Simple Strategy to Teach Multi-Digit Multiplication

Simple Ideas for Introducing & Exploring Functions in Middle School

Teaching Integer Multiplication {FREE Graphing Calculator Activity}

{FREE} Integer Operations Game: Gingerbread Dash

Easter Peeps: Add & Subtract Integers Game {FREE}

Investigating Exponent Properties {FREE Lesson!}

{FREE} January 2019 Math Problem of the Day Calendars

Leprechaun Tricks: Integer Challenges {FREE}

Linear Equations Puzzles: Free Practice Set

Making Absolute Value Clear (With FREE Printables!)

Math Curse Extension Activities! {FREE!}

Measuring Angles Activity: Simple and Fun Puzzle Set {FREE}

{FREE} Middle School Back to School Math Challenge

{FREE} Multiply Decimals with Grids: Cut & Paste Set

Multiply & Divide Integers Lesson {FREE}

{FREE} Multiply & Divide Integers Sorting Challenge

{FREE} Multiplying Decimals Word Problems Set

Multiplying Mixed Numbers Activity {FREE Puzzles}

Order of Operations Games

{FREE} Percent Error Analysis Tasks Grade 7-8 | PRINT+DIGITAL

{FREE} Pi Day Logic Puzzles | Grades 4+

{FREE} Properties of Multiplication Cut & Paste Practice

{FREE} Pythagorean Theorem Word Problems Task Cards

Quadratic Equations Project (with FREE printables!)

Ratio Practice: Real Life Math for 6th Grade

Candy Math: Sampling & Inference Lesson – Grades 7-8

“Sir Cumference and the Great Knight of Angleland” {FREE Printable Pack!}

Sir Cumference Lesson! {Euler’s Law}

Christmas Algebra Riddles: Solving Linear Equations {FREE}

St. Patrick’s Day Fractions: FREE Clip Cards

STEM Challenge Reflection Pages for Kids {FREE}

Subtracting Mixed Numbers Printable Board Game {FREE}

Summer Algebra Review: Solve Equations Practice

Surface Area Practice Worksheets

Christmas Algebra Riddles: Systems of Linear Equations {FREE}

Fun Thanksgiving Math & Logic Puzzles {FREE}

The King’s Chessboard Problem {Free Printables!}

Understanding Data: FREE Mean Median & Mode Lesson

Valentine’s Day Algebra Practice Pack! {FREE!}

{FREE} Valentine’s Day Fraction and Decimal Conversions Game

Valentine’s Day Logic Puzzles for Kids {FREE}

Virtual Math Scavenger Hunt: Learn About Math in Nature

{FREE!} What’s My Rule? Function Rules Game – Grades 8-9

Writing Algebraic Expressions: FREE Practice Pages