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Do your middle school students have a good understanding of percentages? Help them deepen understanding while practicing essential skills using this FREE set of Percent Error Analysis Tasks.

Using percentages and solving problems that involve percent is one of the most essential math concepts our kids learn. We use and see percent in our daily life all the time. And while we can definitely use a calculator (and should!), if you don’t actually understand percent well enough to use the calculator correctly, it does you absolutely no good. So if you are exploring percent, the  percent proportion, percent of change, tax, tips, etc. with your students, grab this free set of error analysis tasks to help them discuss problems and make sure they understand!

What is an Error Analysis Task?

Error analysis means analyzing a mistake. It means looking at the steps used or the mathematical reasoning applied to a problem, finding the mistake or misconception and explaining what went wrong.

In other words, it is more than just correcting the mistake. Sure, kids might be able to work out a problem and tell you what the right answer is, but can they clearly articulate why the other answer is wrong?

By explaining what went wrong, students are forced to confront their own understanding. Do they actually understand how to solve this math problem, or are they just following a random set of steps or a confusing algorithm?

If they can’t explain to a friend a mistake, they won’t be able to find and correct their own mistakes.

And if they can’t find and explain a mistake, they have a very shallow understanding of the subject matter.

On the other hand, by finding and explaining (and correcting) common errors, they will deepen their own understanding and have a better idea of what common mistakes are so they can look out for them in their own work in the future.

Although I often encourage students to find and correct their own mistakes, sometimes looking at a “third party” mistake is easier and less intimidating. They don’t feel ownership over the problem and don’t take it personally, because it’s not their work.

This also allows you to discuss common misconceptions with the class as a whole, because you can all look over and analyze the same steps and errors.

Percent Math Skills Covered:

This download includes 6 different error analysis tasks, covering a variety of percent type math problems. You will find the following skills included:

  • Using the percent proportion
  • Using the percent equation
  • Converting between fractions, decimals and percent
  • Using the simple interest formula
  • Percent of Change
  • Sales Tax

How to Use These Problems in the Classroom:

Analyzing a percent problem is a great way to get kids warmed up at the start of class. It doesn’t need to be time consuming–you can either project the slide at the front of the room and have students write in a journal or on whiteboards, or you can print the half-sheet pages and give each student one as they enter class.

Give students about 5 minutes to look over the problem, analyze the steps and final solution and form their opinions.

In this case, the tasks are titled, “Is it true?”

The reason for this is to encourage students to really consider the problem, the situation and the final answer, rather than just knowing or assuming the work and answer are incorrect.

Sometimes the work and solution ARE true. But sometimes they’re not, and students will have to explain why and correct it.

Another idea is to use these at the end of class as an exit ticket to assess understanding.

The problems include a variety of percent problems, so you might print a problem that directly relates to that day’s lesson and let students answer it independently at the end of class. Then they can pass them in to you on their way out so you can see what they understand and how well they are able to justify their reasoning.

Included in the Download:

When you go to my shop and grab the pdf file, you will find the following included. Hopefully this will help you use this whether you are looking for a digital task or printable task.

  • Teaching tips and access to the digital version, designed for google slides
  • Directions for sharing the slides in google classroom
  • Printable version of all 6 percent error analysis problems
  • Answer keys for all 6 problems

However you decide to use these problems, I hope it provides meaningful math learning for your students, and sparks exciting math conversation in your classrooms!

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