Surface Area Practice Worksheets

Since I posted some lessons to help students learn and understand surface area last week, I thought I would add a couple of practice worksheets to go with it! These are simple and short, but I hope you find them helpful! The first has various prisms and cylinders, while the second covers pyramids and cones.

I tried to use fairly simple examples so that they would be appropriate for middle school or high school, so if you are looking for more challenging problems (where different measurements are given, etc.) these may not be helpful to you. But please note, on the pyramids worksheet, there are a couple of problems that only give height (not slant height) so if your students are not ready to use pythagorean theorem to solve it, you may need to give them the slant height for those.

SA worksheet

As always, an answer key is provided! I hope this is helpful!

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Happy Teaching!

~Math Geek Mama

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