{FREE} Count, Color & Trace: Numbers 1-15 Practice

Working on number recognition and counting? Your kids will love this adorable set of number tracing worksheets for the numbers 1-15. They will practice counting, tracing and writing as they build fluency with numbers.

Your little ones will get in tons of fine motor practice while building an understanding of the numbers 1-15 with these animal-themed number recognition pages. Each page includes a variety of unique a fun safari animals. Kids in preschool or kindergarten work on counting while they color, then they trace and write the numeral for each number. There are so many ways to incorporate this low-prep practice, you’ll definitely want to grab the free download below!

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Number Printable Pages Prep-Work:

There are 15 printable pages in this download. Prep work is very easy, but you’ll want to decide which numbers you want to work on before printing.

For instance, if your little ones are only working on the numbers 1-5, you can just print those pages. However, if you are working with older students on the tricky teen numbers, just print the pages with numbers 11-15.

Another option is to print the pages 2 to a page. Then cut out all the half pages, assemble into a booklet and staple. Then your students can work on all their numbers at once.

Regardless of which pages you print, all you need to do is provide the printed pages along with something to write and color with (colored pencils, crayons or markers) to your students. Then you’re all set!

How to Complete the Number Tracing Worksheets:

There are multiple steps on these pages, to help your kids practice multiple skills at once.

First, they are to color the animals according to the number on the page. So if it is the 14 page, they color 14 animals.

You could even discuss what animals they see, or read a book about animals before they complete the number practice pages.

1, 2, 3, Animals! Counting Book

Looking for a fun picture book to read along with the counting and tracing worksheets? Check out my picture book, 1, 2, 3, Animals!

In this book, kids will hear about and count the animals as they prepare for their show. Then, they count backwards until the show is over!

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After coloring the animals, they practice tracing the number as many times as they need to.

The repetition will help them develop muscle memory with where to start and how to form each number. This will also help with number recognition as they say and trace the number.

Finally, there is space on the page for them to write the number on their own with no tracing.

How to Use the Number Practice Pages:

You can incorporate these number tracing pages into your home or classroom in a variety of ways.

–Include them with your “number of the day” routine.

–Use them as an early finisher or substitute activity.

–Print 2 to a page to create number booklets or glue into notebooks.

–Send home over long breaks for kids to complete as extra practice.

Or any other time your kids could use a little extra practice with counting, number recognition and fine motor skills!

I hope you enjoy these simple pages, to grab a set, just click the link below to go to my shop!

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