Place Value Clip Cards for 2-Digit Numbers {FREE}

Looking for some easy, self-checking practice with place value of 2-digit numbers? This set of clip cards is fun and easy, allowing your kids to deepen their understanding of the teen numbers, and the difference between tens and  ones.

Place value is such a large topic, but one that is essential for building a mathematical foundation. As you begin to explore numbers beyond ten, it will help your students build number sense if they think of the teen numbers as “ten and some more.” You can write the numbers in expanded form, or build them out with base ten blocks to  model the numbers, allowing kids to “see” 2-digit numbers this way. Then when they more on to larger 2-digit numbers, they will more naturally see them as tens and ones, because that was the focus in the teen numbers. Then a connection can be made between place value and addition, as kids combine the tens and the ones to find a new number. This set of place value clip cards is designed to help aid in each of these areas, using base ten block visuals and then using addition to combine tens and ones.

Place Value Clip Cards: Base Ten Block Visuals

To begin, this free download includes 2 pages of clip cards that use base ten blocks as a visual model of 2-digit numbers. There are 12 clip cards altogether on these pages.

The first page focuses on teen numbers, while the second page focuses on larger 2-digit numbers.

This is useful, because our brains are built to process math using visual inputs. By seeing groups of tens combined with groups of ones, kids will be able to make connections to the written numeral. This will then build a bridge to addition.

If you have a set of base ten blocks available, you may combine the clip cards with hands on blocks. For some kids, actually holding and counting out the tens and the ones will be necessary, while others may simply use the picture on the clip card.

Addition Clip Cards: Building on Place Value

Next, this download includes 2 pages of addition clip cards that build on the place value work your kids have already done by adding whole tens and some ones.

For example, 30 + 5 or 80 + 6.

Again, for some kids, it might be helpful or necessary to model each of these with base ten blocks in order to solve.

So they would begin by counting out 3 tens to represent 30, then combine that with 5 ones. They can then count to add them together.

Eventually, modeling with the blocks and counting will not be necessary, as kids have the number sense to understand addition based on place value.

There are 8 addition clip cards included in the download, for a total of 20 clip cards.

How to Set Up & Use Clip Cards:

Prep and set up of clip cards is super simple, if this is new to you.

To begin, you’ll want to print all the clip card pages on card stock paper for durability (and to be sure the answer doesn’t show through the page).

Next, you’ll want to mark a small dot on the back of each clip card to show the correct answer.

Next, you may want to laminate them for durability.

Lastly, cut out each clip card, showing the problem and the 3 answer choices.

Then you’re all set to share them with your students!

When your students are ready to use the clip cards, provide the stack of clip cards along with some clothes pins or paper clips.

Then your students look at the visual or the addition problem and “clip” the 2-digit number that matches.

They can then flip the card over to see if they have clipped the correct answer (if you marked the answer on the back).

Ideas for Using Clip Cards in the Classroom:

There are so many ways you can incorporate these clip cards once you’ve done the prep work. Here are a few ideas:

  • As a math center
  • As an early finisher activity
  • As a choice board option for students
  • An option for subs to use
  • Any other time you need something quick and easy to pull out for students!

Ready to grab this FREE clip card set? Just use the link below to grab it from my shop.

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More Ways to Work on Place Value:

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