FREE Math Printables for All Ages

Looking for fun and engaging math activities to help your kids develop number sense and enjoy math? This page hosts dozens of free math printables that you can adapt for all ages.

Below you will find an ever growing list of math resources to use with just about any grade and ability level. This page is updated often, so be sure to check back as you need additional ideas to engage your students!

Looking for additional grade levels? See all the available free math worksheets and activities on this page.

3D Shapes Teaching Resources!

Brilliant Ways to Use a Hundreds Chart

“Build a Turkey” Number Sense Activity {FREE Printable}

Decorate a Christmas Tree! {Number Sense Activity}

Disney Math: Frozen Fractal Snowflake {FREE Printable}

Exploring Patterns in Pascal’s Triangle {FREE Printables!}

Exploring Triangles with “The Greedy Triangle!”

Symmetry: Finish the Picture Pages {Drawing Mirror Images}

Fun New Resource: Kidoku by Krazy Dad

Engaging Summer Math: Easy, Hands On & FUN Ideas

Geoboard Activity Cards {FREE Geometry Challenge}

Foldable 3D Shapes {FREE Printable Pack!}

FREE January 2020 Problem of the Day Calendars

Pi Day Sing Along {FREE Printable!}

Math Mindset Reflection Pages {FREE}

Build Math Habits: Notice Math Patterns & Structure

K-8 Math at Home: Resources for School Closures

Student Created Math Spinner Games for Any Grade Level

25+ Engaging Math Tasks That Promote a Growth Mindset

{FREE} Mental Math Challenge for Kids: Exercise Your Brain!

Build Math Habits: Model with Math & Visual Tools

Which Number Doesn’t Belong? Math Challenge

Math Strategies: Problem Solving by Drawing a Picture
This unique game challenges kids to think logically, as well as practice counting! After playing, challenge kids to make a sidewalk chalk jumping maze of their own!
Sidewalk Chalk Jumping Maze Math Challenge

Simple Yet Powerful Math Number Sense Routine: Close, Far, In-Between

50+ Spring Math Ideas for Grades K-8

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Build Math Habits: Talk About Math & Justify Thinking

Top Math Resources of 2015!

Ultimate Collection of Pumpkin Math Ideas for K-12

Valentine’s Day Number Sense Challenge: Open Ended Math

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