Weekly Math Freebies Round Up!

A collection of free math teaching resources from around the web! Grades K-12. (8-1-15)

Welcome to the weekly collection of FREE math teaching resources from around the web! Every week I share some of my favorite free lessons, printables and games, to try and help you make teaching math fun and easy! Check back each week for more freebies for grades K-12!


source: powerpointgaming.blogspot.com

I can’t wait to try this with my kids, even though it’s meant to be a classroom game! I think it will be fun for us to play at home! Great practice for recognizing place value and large numbers!


Since we’ve been working on number bonds, I loved this freebie for using cuisenaire rods for addition and subtraction practice! I think we’ll be getting ours out soon!



deck of cards - division_thumb[2]
source: 123homeschool4me.com
If your kids need to practice division, grab this free set of worksheets that let them practice division with a deck of playing cards! (Find more fun math card games here!)

facts families
source: thisreadingmama.com

I love this set of fact family triangles to use with a set of dice! These are great to help kids see the relationship between addition and subtraction, and multiplication and division!


I love exploring linear relationships and patterns! This lesson based on a hot dog eating contest is sure to engage your students!

quad and factoring
source: scaffoldedmath.blogspot.com

But I also love quadratics! Woo hoo! Check out this post for some fun quadratic equations freebies which will help your kids make sense of solving quadratic problems as well as factoring. (Note: the free downloads are in the box to the right of the post).

I hope you found some fun and useful math teaching resources! Want even more FREE math teaching ideas and resources? Subscribe to my newsletter to get exclusive freebies just for subscribers!

~Math Geek Mama

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