Linear Equations Puzzles: Free Practice Set

Do your students need some extra practice with solving linear equations? This free set of printable linear equations puzzles is a fun challenge that you can use year after year.

Confidently solving linear equations is one of biggest goals of the early Algebra years. And because of that, it is something that often requires a lot of practice and review. This simple set of linear equations puzzles provides a unique way for middle or high school students to practice this skill. It also includes a recording page so they can write their steps as they match the puzzle pieces.

Solving Linear Equations:

Often algebra units on linear equations are taught in increments: 1-step equations, 2-step equations, etc. While I understand the desire to ease into the more difficult problems, I think this often makes solving equations a “formula to follow” rather than showing the logic of conceptually making sense of the equations.

Regardless, once students have learned how to solve a variety of linear equations, they will inevitably need more practice still.

So this set of puzzles was designed to provide that extra support and practice. This set includes mostly 2-step equations, with a couple 1-step equations, perfect for early Algebra students or even more advanced Algebra students who need to review.

Included in the Solving Equations Puzzle Set:

This download includes 12 printable puzzles. Each puzzle includes a ‘piece’ with a linear equation and a matching ‘piece’ with the solution.

In addition, there is a simple recording page where students can write their steps as they solve. You can print this for students if you’d like them to turn something in.

But if you’re just using this puzzle set as a math center or review for early finishers, etc. you may not need to give them a recording page. They can simply work out each equation with a calculator and/or white board.

Setting Up & Using the Linear Equations Puzzles:

To begin, you’ll want to print all 12 puzzles. I suggest printing them on card stock paper, as this is thicker and more durable, making it easier to move around and use the puzzles.

If you want to prep these once to use year after year, you may want to laminate them as well.

Once printed (and laminated, if you want), cut out each puzzle. Each puzzle includes two pieces, so you’ll want to cut the two puzzle pieces apart.

Once all puzzles are printed and cut into pieces, just mix them up really well and hand them over to your students!

If you want them to submit their work to you, print out the single recording page as well, where they can write their steps.

If you’re splitting students into groups, give each individual student their own recording page, but then give each group 3-4 puzzles (you’ll need to split these ahead of time so they have the correct matching pieces).

Then students in the group can split up the puzzles and solve and discuss them together. Then as groups finish, they can swap puzzles with another group to solve some more.

I hope this provides a fun, new way to practice solving linear equations!

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