Why Meeting Your Sponsor Child is Worth the Time & Expense

Although I have four kids of my own, who I love beyond belief, I also sponsor kids around the world, who are living in poverty. Why? Because every child deserves to feel safe, have clean water and food to eat. And because every child deserves to hear of the love that God has for them and that He sent his Son to die for their redemption. And as much as I would love to carry this message of love to every child in every corner of the globe, I can’t. I can’t reach and help and love on every single child struggling in poverty or war-torn nations. But by partnering with organizations who can reach those children, I can help in a very small (but not insignificant) way.

But I want to do more for them than simply send a check each month. I want to do more than occasionally send letters with bible verses and pictures from my kids. My desire is to meet these children and their families, so they can know I am a real person who loves them and prays for them. And so I can learn more about them and their community.

The Impact of Meeting My Sponsor Child

As of today, I have met 2 of our 3 sponsored children. And the impact of the time spent with them is truly life changing. To see their face light up as they tell you about their hope center or introduce you to their family, or to see a sheepish grin when they aren’t sure how to respond, and to see that kids are kids, no matter where they live.

It is a universal fact that kids love to run and play, or pick on their siblings or get embarrassed when their mom kisses their cheek.

But the greatest impact for me comes from visiting their homes and meeting their family. Both of the children I sponsor are being raised by single moms.

Moms who love fiercely and want the best for their kids. Moms who are working long hours because they have to do what is necessary to survive. But who do so joyfully, because they want only good things for their kids.

Talking with these mamas has allowed me to return home and remember why we made this commitment to these kids.

I’m not just sponsoring one child. I’m providing support to a family that desperately needs it.

And in return, I have learned how I can best pray for these families and the community in which they live.

This is Xander, in his home in Nicaragua.

For example, one child is growing up in Nicaragua, a country which is very near to my heart, and has faced tremendous political upheaval in the last year. He and other children are in a vulnerable place, and have gone through trauma I can’t even imagine. The hope center teachers struggle to teach basic skills because kids don’t have a way to process the atrocities they have seen or heard.

It is my desire to visit him again and provide some encouragement and prayers as they seek to move forward.

Another child, a precious little girl in the Dominican Republic, is growing up in a community seeping with witchcraft an demonic practices.

This is Isamary, with her mother in the Dominican Republic.

The church and hope center pray and work daily to bring hope and light into this dark community.

These are things I only learned by visiting and walking through the community myself. Now I can pray intentionally and with an urgency that I would not have had before.

What Does This Mean for You?

If you currently sponsor a child, perhaps through Compassion International or One Child Matters, would you pray about visiting them?

My friends, the Lords, meeting their sponsor children in the Dominican.

Yes, it may require sacrifice, and it may be scary, but it will be worth it to deepen your relationship with a beautiful family and to learn first hand what their daily life looks like.

Now, I realize that most people will not be able to meet their child in person, and that’s ok. So even if you can’t, please just know that you are impacting their life, their family and their community in a big way.

Even just a letter with some pictures of you and your family will encourage and strengthen them!

If you don’t yet sponsor a child, would you join me in praying for the children in Latin America?

I and my friends are partnering with One Child Matters to try and find sponsors for 1,000 children throughout Latin America.

Yes, that is a big, scary goal. But we serve a big and mighty God!

Would you be willing to help just one of those 1,000? Or will you share this message with those who might be able and willing?

None of us can change the world. But we can change the world of just one child. Help us by supporting one in 1,000.

Go HERE to see the list of children needing sponsors.

Even if you aren’t in a position where you are able to sponsor a child, would you consider sharing this (or the link above) so that we can try to find support for every single one of these kids?

Thank you for considering!

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