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Tons of great math teaching freebies, shared every week at MathGeekMama.com! Be sure to check it out for printable lessons and games, teaching ideas, cool videos and more!

Welcome to the weekly round up of math teaching freebies here at Math Geek Mama! Each week I share a collection of ideas, lessons and games for grades K-12. Do you have a resource to share with other educators? Send me a link so I can share it here!

Kindergarten-2nd Grade: 

source: 123homeschool4me.com

I love this simple set of money task cards! Kids choose a card and then find the corresponding grocery items to calculate the total! Great real life math practice!

This is a great post on subitizing from Math Coach’s Corner which also includes a fun freebie to help kids practice!

I also love this idea for recognizing the differences between shapes and initiating math talk! Encourage students to explain their thinking with their answers!

3rd-5th Grade:

source: lifeovercs.com

This simple fraction practice for Earth day is so cute! This is good for recognizing basic fractions.

You may be past your 100th day of school, but there are still some fun ideas in this post from The Elementary Math Maniac! Included is a printable for writing out 100 equations, which can be adapted to fit whatever math topic you’re working on. I think this would be a fun challenge, no matter what day of the year!

6th Grade+:

source: threeacts.mrmeyer.com

This lesson is another important way that we see math in the real world. Help students explore percentages, as well as discuss and compare dollar discounts to percentage discounts.

March Madness is a great time to make connections between math and sports! Use this lesson from Mathalicious to explore probability.

And if you’re looking for more FREE math resources, check out all the past round ups here!

Have a great weekend!

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