{FREE} Telling Time & Elapsed Time | DIGITAL Self-Checking Practice

Could your kids use some review of telling time & elapsed time? They will love the instant feedback of Boom cards with this telling time & elapsed time digital activity!

Telling time is such an important real life math skill, that I am always looking for easy ways to help my kids practice. I want them to feel confident understanding time & elapsed time, whether they are using a digital clock or an analog clock. This set of telling time & elapsed time digital Boom Cards is a fun way to review these skills. Kids love the instant feedback of knowing whether they got it right or not, and you will love how easy they are to prep! No printing or cutting-just assign the deck to your students and you’re ready to go.

Introducing Telling Time:

If you’re just getting started, you may focus on telling time to the hour and half hour. Eventually, kids move on to telling time to the nearest 5 minutes and even minute.

I tend to start with time to the nearest 5 minutes, because I want my kids to understand the structure of the clock, practice skip counting by 5 and hopefully learn to tell time conceptually rather than potentially memorizing positions on the clock.

However your scope and sequence structures the telling time lessons, you might like these resources to practice telling time. Kids need to have a good handle on using a clock and telling time before they can move on to elapsed time problems.

Understanding Elapsed Time:

Once your kids can tell time confidently, you can introduce elapsed time concepts. These types of problems can vary in structure, so be sure to look for lots of different examples.

I always try to provide a play clock (or even two clocks) for my kids to move the hands around and help them count or calculate the amount of time as it passes.

This visual helps them to have a concrete picture of elapsed time until they are ready to solve problems mentally.

If you’d like some fun and engaging resources to explore elapsed time in more detail, you might like my complete collection of games, task cards and more:

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Telling Time & Elapsed Time Digital Practice:

And of course if you want a quick & easy review of all these skills, grab my FREE set of Boom Cards!

This deck of interactive task cards includes 15 practice problems:

  • First 5 cards: telling time to the nearest 5 minutes
  • Next 5 cards: elapsed time problems
  • Last 5 cards: more challenging elapsed time problems

And if you’re new to using Boom Cards, here are some benefits you might enjoy if you’re a classroom teacher:

First, they are self-checking for your students. When they tap an answer, it tells them right then if it’s correct or not. Kids love this!

Second, it’s quick & low-prep for you because there’s nothing to print or prepare-simply assign the deck to students or send them a fast play link and you’re done.

Third, if you have an account and class set up on Boom Learning, you have access to full reports of how your students do when they play with the Boom cards. So there’s nothing to grade! You can know right away if your students are confident with time & elapsed time or if they need some additional practice.

Getting Started with Boom Learning:

If you are new to using Boom Cards, here are a few tips to help you get started. Begin by creating an account on the Boom Learning website.

First, if you don’t need a report, you can create a ‘fast play’ pin link to share with students.

To begin, go to your library.

Then, click the ‘Action’ button on the set of boom cards you would like to share with students.

From the dropdown menu, select ‘Fast Pin.’

Click the ‘generate pin‘ button and you will be given a unique link to share with students. Please note: this link will only be valid for 14 days, so don’t grab this link until you’re ready to assign it to students.

Highlight and copy the link you’re given, and then share that link via whatever platform you are using to assign work to your students.

I hope this provides a fun, quick and easy way to practice time & elapsed time skills with your students!

Ready to get started? Click the link below to grab this set of telling time & elapsed time digital Boom Cards from the Boom Learning Platform.

{Click HERE to grab the Telling Time & Elapsed Time Digital Practice Boom Cards on Boom Learning!}

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