Symmetry for Kids: 20+ Ideas & Resources

Looking for fun, hands on or unique ideas to explore symmetry for kids? Look no further. I’ve gathered all the resources and ideas I could find and listed them here together for easy reference. You will find symmetrical drawing pages, hands on symmetry challenges and fun math art projects for kids. Whether your kids are in kindergarten or middle school, I think you’ll find a fun resource or idea here!

Looking for tons of fun symmetry for kids? This huge list includes hands on teaching ideas, fun symmetry art projects plus cute printable pictures for kids to practice drawing mirror images.

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Symmetry for Kids: Hands On Ideas

Although this can become a complex math concept for kids in middle school and beyond (think rotational symmetry or writing an equation for the line of symmetry), very young kids are able to “see” and explore symmetry with hands on methods and visuals.

Here are some fun ideas to try!

Learning Math with Jewelry Making: Help kids understand symmetry by creating symmetrical necklaces and bracelets.

Symmetrical LEGO Snowflakes: Explore symmetry with LEGO by building symmetrical snowflakes.

Symmetry with Wooden Blocks: This fun activity combines mirrors and block shapes to help kids see symmetry in a real way.

LEGO Butterflies: Here’s another example using LEGO bricks to build something fun, beautiful and of course, symmetrical.

Symmetry in Letters: I love this activity which combines literacy and math. Just grab some sticky notes and a mirror and have your kids look for symmetry in letters.

Symmetry in Nature: Go on a scavenger hunt to discover symmetrical objects in nature.

Rotational Symmetry with LEGO: This post has some simple printable pages to guide kids as they design symmetrical figures with LEGO bricks (plus other fun hands on LEGO math ideas)

Want a wide variety of symmetry learning ideas that are ready to use right now? Grab my complete set of Exploring Symmetry Lessons! This symmetry unit begins with open exploration of symmetry in nature, and progresses to symmetry vocabulary and even symmetrical area challenges for older kids. Learn more by clicking the button below:

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Symmetry Art Projects

Looking to integrate some art into your math lessons? Symmetry is the perfect topic because it is used so often in art!

Find lots of ideas below for fun with symmetrical art.

Create Symme”trees” for Christmas: This simple Christmas math project is a fun way to take a break from the normal math routine and explore symmetry by creating symmetrical Christmas trees.

Melted Crayon Art Project: This is another really easy, but super fun project to show kids how to create mirror images, while creating one of a kind pieces of art.

DIY Inkblot T-Shirt: This is a simple project that kids will love. If you have an old shirt lying around, give this art project a try.

Monarch Butterfly Art Project: Here’s another simple art project that creates a beautiful monarch butterfly.

Rotational Symmetry Turkey Craft: Or if your kids are up for a challenge, try this adorable turkey craft. You’ll get to explore rotational symmetry, shapes and work on fine motor skills.

Penguin Ink Blot: If your kids love penguins, or if you’re reading penguin stories for a winter unit, this art project would be a great addition.

Butterfly Ink Blot Craft: Here’s another fun and easy way to create a symmetrical butterfly.

Symmetrical Snowflakes Paper Cutting Activity: Follow the paper folding and cutting examples in this post for some beautiful, symmetrical snowflakes.

Symmetry Printables and Books to Extend or Review

Once your kids are thoroughly familiar with the concept and feel comfortable, try reviewing or extending the learning with one of these printable ideas, or by reading a fun math book together. Drawing mirror images is a great way to put their understanding of symmetry to use!

Finish the Picture: This printable set of “finish the drawing” pages will challenge kids to finish the picture by drawing the mirror image. Grid lines are included to help with accuracy.

Draw the Missing Half-Insects: This set of insect printables provide a fun symmetrical drawing challenge. Please note that the complete set is $2, but you can download a one page sample for free.

Draw the Missing Half-Leaves: This fun, hands on project can be do with real leaves if you have a good collection, or you can grab the beautiful printable set in this post.

Read Seeing Symmetry by Loreen Leedy: This fun picture book has some great information as well as pictures to help kids see and understand symmetry.

Read What is Symmetry in Nature? by Bobbie Kalman: This is a great introduction or review and would be perfect to combine with a nature exploration.

Another fun option is to read Is It Symmetrical? by Nancy Allen. This is also a good way to review after hands on exploration.

And again, if you’re looking for an open and go resource to explore symmetry with your kids, grab my Exploring Symmetry Lesson Collection.

What are your favorite ways to explore symmetry for kids? Are your kids naturally drawn to symmetrical images? Do they easily recognize symmetry? Share in the comments!

Looking for tons of fun symmetry ideas for kids? This huge list includes hands on teaching ideas, fun symmetry art projects plus cute printable pictures for kids to practice drawing mirror images.

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