Decimals on a Number Line: DIGITAL Activity for Kids

Want to help your kids develop number sense and deepen their understanding of decimals? Have fun exploring with this decimals on a number line digital activity for Google Slides.

Decimals and fractions. They are so much fun to learn, and there are so many ways to explore them.

In this digital activity, kids get to focus on decimals and placing decimals on a number line.

These types of activities help children visualize decimals and how they relate to other numbers. It will also help them learn the difference between hundredths and tenths. Placing decimals on a number line has so many benefits.

Note: This is a guest post from Rachel of You’ve Got This Math.

Decimals on a Number Line Digital Activity: Prep-Work

I love Google Slides. If you are trying to lower the cost of printing tons of pages or just need a low prep way to teach a lesson or explore a math concept, utilizing Google Slides is a great option.

There is really only one or two steps and then you’ll have these slides ready to go.

First, you must save your own copy in your personal Google Drive account.

When you download the pdf file, it will include a link to the slides. It should prompt you to make a copy before doing anything else, but if not, make a copy for yourself so you can then share it with students.

Next, if you are working with more than one student, you will want to save a copy for them, or use Google Classroom to assign the sets.

After that, you just have to explain the concept (and maybe do an example together) and then letting your kiddos explore decimals on a number line.

Placing Tenths on the Number Line:

So let’s jump in and give this a try.

In our first example, you can see that we start with one-tenth and end with 1. We can quickly see that we are moving up the number line in increments of one-tenth.

One-tenth (0.1), two-tenths (0.2), three-tenths (0.3) — and the three-tenths is the number that I need to drag down unto the number line. So it will go on the third line.

Placing Hundredths on the Number Line:

Now we change things up a bit. This slide has a few more empty spaces, and you’ll notice that the students are given six-tenths and seven-tenths. This means that the number we are adding to the number line will have a digit in the hundredths place. You can think of the seven-tenths as the same as seventy-hundredths. Therefore the .69 goes one line before the .7.

Now, this final slide we will look at today has children placing tenths on the line when a hundredth has been given. We see that we are given a three-tenths and forty-nine hundredths.

This tells us that we are moving up in increments of one-hundredth.

This means that counting on from 0.3 would be thirty-one hundredths, then thirty-two hundredths, and so on.

But you may notice that our kiddos are asked to put a four-tenths on the number line. Well, four-tenths is equal to forty hundredths. So once they reach forty hundredths, this is where the four-tenths goes. What a great visual for helping children see that these two numbers are equal.

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I hope this activity helps you while teaching your children, and also develops a deeper understanding in your children.

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Rachel is a homeschool mom to four little ones, ages 2 to 6. She is a former public elementary teacher, and has recently begun blogging at her page You’ve Got This. You can also find her on Facebook and Pinterest.

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