{FREE} 100th Day Color by Addition | Add Within 10 Practice

Looking for a fun and quick way to add some math fact fun to your 100th day of school? Grab this free set of 100th Day Color by Addition pages to help your littles add within 10!

Have you and your students been counting the days of school? Do you know when you will hit ‘day 100?’ If you haven’t been keeping track, never fear. There’s still time to do a quick calendar count and plan for that fun milestone-the 100th day of school! And if you teach preschool or kindergarten, you will definitely want to include these 100th day of school color by addition pages. This can provide a fun themed review of addition facts while also celebrating the 100th day.

What is the 100th Day of School & Why Does it Matter?

In any given school year, the 100th day is just that–the 100th day that students have been in school learning and growing.

When this day occurs will obviously vary, but it is typically sometime between the end of January or end of February, depending on when you start school.

Why does this matter? Well, for one, the school year is long and marking milestones like making it 100 full days can bring some excitement and joy into the classroom. It’s an opportunity to acknowledge how hard students have worked so far and to celebrate that they are past the ‘halfway’ mark for the year.

It also comes at a time of the year that can be *ahem* challenging. Coming back to school in January after the Christmas break often means no real break again until spring break. That can be a long stretch, especially during cold or dreary winter months. So adding a bit of celebration to that stretch of school is a great way to break up the mundane!

Lastly, as a math teacher, I’m especially partial to the 100th day because the number 100 provides so many wonderful opportunities for math learning and exploration, no matter the age of your students.

Little ones can practice counting and skip counting to 100.

Older kids can practice factoring or 2-digit addition.

Students can think about how many different ways to decompose 100.

And 5th grade students can take it a step further and celebrate their 1,000th day of school! (In 5th grade, on the 100th day, students will have been in school for exactly 1,000 days: 180 days in K-4 + 100 days in 5th, assuming they have 180 days in each school year).

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100th Day of School Color by Addition Pages:

And again, if you want a fun and super low-prep option for your 100th day, grab these addition fact practice pages.

There are 8 different coloring pages included in this download, as well as answer keys so you can see what the final pictures will look like.

Each page includes addition facts within 10. Students solve each addition expression, then color the spaces according to the color code.

Materials Needed for the 100th Day Coloring Pages:

  • 100th Day Coloring Sheets of Your Choice (simply print the ones you want)
  • Crayons, colored pencils or markers

Ideas for Using the Color by Addition Pages with Students:

Your students likely will not have time to complete all 8 pages, so here are some ideas for using them:

  1. Print 5 or so copies of each page for a math center & let students choose just one
  2. Choose 2 different pictures and print them front/back on a single sheet & give one to each student
  3. Print 1 or 2 pages for your students to take home to complete when they want
  4. Print a variety of the pages to have on hand for early finishers

Lastly, if you have enough students complete a coloring page, you can use them as decoration around your room or on a bulletin board!

Ready to grab the download for your students? Just click the link below to go to my shop and grab the free download.

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