Weekly Math Freebies Round Up!

A collection of free math teaching resources from around the web! Grades K-12. (8-1-15)

Welcome to the weekly round up of the best math teaching freebies from around the web! I try to share a variety of printable lessons and games for grades K-12, so I hope you find something useful!


Fun and free ideas for teaching math!
source: terristeachingtreasures.blogspot.ca

I posted earlier this week about fun ways to use a hundreds chart, as well as some free hidden picture addition pages, so I was excited to find a couple more ideas! This post shows how you can very easily create puzzles to allow kids to practice recognizing numbers to 100 and putting them in order. I may do this for my son this week, because he would love it!

1000 numbers
source: elementarymatters.com

And if your kids have already mastered numbers to 100, maybe you could use this color coded printable set of numbers to 1000! A great list of ideas for ways to use this to help kids make sense of such large numbers!


Fun and free ideas for teaching math!
source: primaryinspiration.blogspot.com

Another fun hundreds chart freebie is the set of riddle cards from Primary Inspiration! These allow kids to practice important skills to try and find the secret number. Such a cute idea!

Fun and free ideas for teaching math!
source: theelementarymathmaniac.blogspot.com

Oh man, can I just say how much I love this math vocabulary scrabble bulletin board?! You can grab it for free, and she gives some great ideas to make it interactive! Go check it out!


I recently explored space and constellations with my little ones, but if you have older kids, they may enjoy this math lesson on the Perseids meteor shower from Yummy Math. Covers multiple math standards for 5-7th grade.

If you would like fun and interactive daily warm up to engage students, check out this post. In the box on the right, you can download the powerpoint for free and use as powerpoint slides, or print it out for daily warmups. Such a fun and handy resource!

If you’re looking for more math freebies, check out this page from Go Figure, which includes a variety of free resources for grades 5 and up!

I hope you found something to make math fun and meaningful! If you have a math freebie that you would like featured here, be sure to send me a link! 🙂

~Math Geek Mama

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