Weekly Math Freebies Round Up!

A collection of free math teaching resources from around the web! Grades K-12. (8-1-15)

Welcome to the weekly round up of FREE math teaching resources! Every week I share the best teaching materials, games and ideas that I find so that you can make math fun and meaningful! See all the past collections here!

Kindergarten-2nd Grade: 

Place Value FREEBIE Pinterest long
source: smilingandshininginsecondgrade.blogspot.com

I love this place value pack from Smiling and Shining in Second Grade! It has 5 different pages of place value problems and comparing large numbers. I’ll definitely be using this when my daughter’s a little bit further along.

Do your kids love the book, “Ten Apples Up on Top?” Be sure to check out this post for a whole round up of activities to do with the book, as well as a free counting/coloring apple page.

3rd-5th Grade: 

source: homeschoolden.com

I love this Fall multiplication pack from Homeschool Den! It includes several practice pages for multiples of 6, as well as some skip counting mazes with multiple paths.

source: mathcoachscorner.com

While there isn’t a freebie in this post from Math Coach’s Corner, it is an excellent explanation of multiplying decimals, and gives kids a hands-on and visual representation as they start to learn and practice. If you need some practice problems, check out these free fraction and decimal worksheets.

6th-12th Grade: 

slope 4 ways
source: scaffoldedmath.blogspot.com

Slope can be such a tricky topic for early Algebra students! I love these simple puzzles to help recognize various forms of slope. (Note: you can grab the free download in the box to the right of the post).

Did you know this Monday is Columbus Day? I love this cross-curricular lesson from Yummy Math, which uses some of the history of Columbus’s travels to explore math concepts!

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Happy Teaching!

~Math Geek Mama

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