Weekly Math Freebies Round-Up!

Weekly Freebie Image Welcome to the weekly round up of fun math freebies here at Math Geek Mama! I hope you find something useful for your classroom or homeschool! 🙂


source: confessionsofahomeschooler.com

 I love these missing number practice pages from Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler! These provide great practice and help build number sense.

cut and paste frames
source: theelementarymathmaniac.blogspot.com

Here’s some great counting and number recognition practice! This freebie allows kids to begin working with ten frames and practice their cut and glue skills! 🙂


source: thisreadingmama.com

If you have a child who struggles with word problems, I encourage you to focus on the vocabulary first. To help with that, check out this post from This Reading Mama! She has a great download of math vocabulary cards, as well as a fun way to use legos to review them!


I was in Louisville, KY the weekend of the Kentucky Derby (no, I was not at the Derby, just a Derby Party ;)) so I thought these problems related to the Derby, horse racing and the possibility of a triple crown winner were especially interesting!

YouTube Channels for Math
source: talesfromoutsidetheclassroom.com

This list is great for finding helpful and engaging videos to introduce, teach or reinforce math concepts! There were several that I was not familiar with so I hope you will find something useful, no matter what grade you teach.

I hope you and your students enjoy these math resources as you wrap up your school year! How much longer do you have?? 🙂

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