{FREE} Christmas Multiplication Practice for Kids

Grab these cute and free Christmas Multiplication Practice pages to give your kids low-prep practice with the harder multiplication facts before Christmas break!

Looking for some easy ways to help your kids review and practice their multiplication facts in those chaotic days before the Christmas break? Look no further! This set of practice pages include low-prep independent practice, a Christmas multiplication coloring page and fun and visual puzzles. This set focuses on multiplication facts that tend to be hardest for kids, x6 up to x12. I hope this set provides some fun, unique and meaningful multiplication practice for your kids this holiday season.

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Christmas Multiplication Practice

This FREE set Christmas multiplication practice includes 4 different multiplication activities.

Each activity focuses on those tricky multiplication facts such as x6, x7, x9 and x12 with a fun Christmas theme.

This would be a great way to use those last few school days in December with purpose, when the kids don’t want to do any new learning but you still want to be productive!

These Christmas multiplication pages can be used to help third graders who are just learning their facts or as a fun, low-key review for fourth grade (or even fifth grade!).

Christmas Multiplication Facts Ornaments

The first activity is simple, but allows kids to practice multiplying by 5 up to 13. Even though your kids probably do not need to learn the x13 multiplication facts, this is a great additional challenge for those who are up for it!

It’s also a great way for kids to apply multiplication strategies and problem solve to find the product of larger numbers.

Although this page is designed to be completed independently, here are some ideas for spicing it up and building community while kids work together to practice their multiplication facts.

Ideas for Working in Pairs or Small Groups:

  • Multiplication races with the ornaments (Although I don’t think speed is the goal of learning math facts or evidence of a “good” math student, kids LOVE to compete. Pair kids up and let them race each other to complete each ornament!)
  • Cut out the ornaments and let each student complete one. Then let them trade with a partner to check the answers. Then decorate a classroom tree with the ornaments!
  • Pair kids up and let them use the page like a tic-tac-toe board. They each take turns answering the multiplication facts on an ornament and marking it with an ‘x’ or an ‘o’. The first to get 3 in a row wins!

x6 Multiplication Facts Stocking Stuffers

The next page in the Christmas practice set is focused on the x6 facts. This is a simple worksheet, but a good chance to focus on the x6 facts if that’s what your child needs.

Some of the problems ask for the product, while others are missing a factor. Challenging kids to find the missing factor is a great way for them to build a deeper understanding of the facts and also prepare them for division.

Christmas Multiplication Coloring Page

Want a chance for kids to sit quietly and practice their multiplication facts? Working on a coloring page is a nice chance for kids to settle down, focus on their own. Plus they get to practice multiplication because they color the reindeer based on the product of each multiplication fact.

Again, this page focuses on trickier multiplication facts such as x7, x8, x9 and x12.

Once your kids finish, let them further decorate the picture and display them on a bulletin board, your classroom wall or in the hallway!

Christmas Multiplication Puzzles

Lastly, you’ll find some fun multiplication puzzles that you can prep once and use year after year to review multiplication facts!

Each puzzle includes a visual picture of the multiplication problem using equal groups. Kids then match it to the factors and the final product.

There are 6 festive puzzles included in the download.

Multiplication Puzzles Setup:

To use them, begin by printing all six on card stock paper, and laminate each page for the best durability. Also, if you laminate them, kids can grab a dry erase marker and circle equal groups to help them find the matching multiplication fact.

Cut out the three puzzle pieces for each puzzle and mix up all the pieces.

Then your kids are ready to complete the puzzles!

You can use these as a math center during the holiday season, or you could even create a set for each child to use and practice over the Christmas break.

That would require a bit of time and work to setup, but what a fun, mathy Christmas gift! 😉

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